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Dear photography lovers,

Welcome on my webpage and kindly let me introduce myself in brief. My name is Martin Fabišík. I was born in 1981 in the city of Prešov located in the eastern Slovakia and have lived in Prague for more than a decade. What I love on photography is particularly freedom, creativity, experience and wisdom which you can simultaneously invest to pictures and absorb back from them when shooting with your camera, no matter where you are and what you capture. I prefer to make photographs which are not over processed as the content is more important than technical perfection for me.

Previously I focused on photographing the mountains but during the latest period I rather photograph people in the streets as well as some interesting places (both analogue and digital). I love grainy documentary black and white photos captured on film during 20th century by Czechoslovak or other photographers. This webpage contains my work created mostly from 2014.

I hope you have already looked at the photos and have had a lot of pleasure. All photographs are the result of my autonomous, independent and totally free creative activity. If you like to use my photos, please send me a message to martin.fabisik@gmail.com. If you want a print of any of my photos write me as well:) The price of the print corresponds to chosen format, paper, frame, glass and/or licence. To stay super-up-to-date about my creative journey, please follow my instagram account: rareviewphoto.

Thank you for visiting.



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